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Facimile: (702) 243-6116

An Attorney and Neutral That You Know and Trust

Now appearing as a mediator, arbitrator, fact-finder,

short trial judge, and supreme court settlement judge

Facimile: (702) 243-6116

An Attorney That You Know And Trust

Now appearing as a mediator, arbitrator, fact-finder,

short trial judge, and supreme court settlement judge

Sal Gugino, Esq.: Acting as a neutral for your ADR needs

Are you in need of an arbitrator, mediator, fact-finder, short trial judge, or Supreme Court settlement judge? Are you seeking other ADR services, such as a supreme court settlement judge? If it involves alternative dispute resolution, Sal Gugino, Esq. is here to help you.

Sal performs arbitrations, meditations, and short trials for the county district court. He also serves as a settlement judge for the Nevada Supreme Court, assisting with the mediation of cases which are on appeal from the state district courts. Sal is also available to do private arbitrations and meditations for a reasonable fee.

Over 38 years of practice in Clark County, Nevada, both as a neutral and as a licensed attorney, Sal has handled matters involving personal injury claims, (plaintiff and defense), insurance coverage, contract disputes, public sector labor law, private sector labor law, interest and grievance arbitration, as well as other employment law matters, including discrimination based upon a person's age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, or disability.

Sal is one of a small group of Nevadans who has undergone EEOC investigator training, and who has served as an advocate for both employees and management. His 12 year service on the employee-management relations board (EMRB) has given Sal a broad understanding of the kind of issues which arise between employees and their employers.

When Sal is appointed as your arbitrator, mediator, fact-finder, or judge, you can be assured that he will treat you with respect, he will come to the hearing with full knowledge of your case, and he will allow you ample time to present your concerns.


A Neutral/Attorney You Can Depend On

In addition to being an A-V rated and licensed attorney, Sal has served as an arbitrator for the Court Annexed Arbitration Program in Clark County, Nevada since 1992, and has been a fact-finder and/or neutral since 1983.

For more information about Mr. Gugino and his ADR services, please feel free to contact him through the information provided below. He is looking forward to working with you.

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